Boy fit jeans.

I had a friend in college who only wore boy fit jeans and they completely suited her, partly because she wore them like she didn't know any other type of jeans existed. That's when my eyes were awoken to the beauty of boy fit jeans, and I now feel like revolting against skinny jeans, which aren't skinny enough for some people (the leggings as trousers people you know who you are): I want to be a bit more modest but chic (it is possible, just look at the above images).

The woman with the fur vest is Gillian Zidnser and the street style look (Lindsay Woodall) on the left to her are both wearing quite cool distressed boy fit jeans their own way. The Lexington a/w 2011 jeans are a bit too baggy but I like the overall look. Yasmin Sewell pictured next to the Lexington look, is an old image that I really like.

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