Colour: Pt. 1

Colour: Pt. 1 - The trousers.

I once bought a pair of high-waisted dark green trousers and never wore them. I also had a beautiful soft green jumpsuit that had a long neckline and made me look like a surgeon going out to a risque club, so I always intended to wear a vest underneath and a jumper over it, but I never got round to wearing it; basically, I'm a disappointment when it comes to wearing colour. I never cared to observe and take note of colours that go perfectly together, and colours that don't (it's much easier to stick to netural, generic colours), plus most the colours I used to see people wear tended to scream "look at me!" but I guess they were the people who caught my eye.

I'm tempted to attempt green trousers again just because of a few looks I've seen, including Victoria Beckham (it's surprising how far her style has evolved) and the Phillip Lim look pictured above; it's a colour that can be dressed up or dressed down. The orange trousers are far too daring for me, but if I had a pair I would only be able to copy the Rag Pony runway look!

Theyskens' Theory s/s11 is the look with the red trousers, my heart is in love with the collection (which I'll post more images of).

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Brooke said...

I love these looks! Thanks for sharing. Awesome Blog!