You would rather I didn't try.

I'm back in Nottingham living independently as a student :/ throughout the two hour journey getting here I was reading the above issue of Stella from The Sunday Telegraph and I liked Kate Nash's overall look on the cover. There is so much more to her than meets the eye (I read her comeback story) but unfortunately I'm not a fan of her music.

I also bought the above perfect summer shorts from Muji which have two more discreet pockets at the back; the shorts look creased because I wore them the next day after buying them. :)

Anyone who has a COS store in their city there is a 30-50% sale on at the moment!

My last post till next week, have a great weekend.

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Charmer said...

I agree, she's so pretty and always dresses in a groovy sort of way but i can't stand her music.