I just want something for nothing...

Leather shorts look cool with anything; I also want to create a DIY worn out t-shirt with the above quote written on in a messy way.

Fashiontoast blogger, Rumi, has the coolest unique style from a blogger that I've ever seen, and I think it's because of how perfectly she coordinates her clothes to suit her body frame. The only thing I wish she attempted more of is dressing for cold climates, which she has done but her looks have consisted of an oversized coat and an enviable pair of heels.

The two looks on either side of Rumi are from Twenty-Seven Names's a/w 10 collection; I now want a sleeveless shirt. I think both of the looks could be done in a British s/s climate as long as it's not on one of those random heat-wave days.

My other black/white summer inspiration here.


anchiru said...

love love love this <333, if only i could wear heels T.T
( yup never wear one )

elisabeth said...

im looking for the perfect white dress in this style, 3 years on and i still cannot find it :( may look at DIYing it like Rumi's! and the wait for those asos leather shorts may actually be killing me!lol