Daffodils, buttercups and dandelions...

I really like the above looks from Samantha Pleet's s/s 2010 collection; I want it all. I was obsessed with burgundy throughout winter and I still am but without the passion, so I definitely like the last two looks.

Asos are selling their very own version of Chloë Sevigny's suede buckle boots for Opening Ceremony for £40; they are selling a grey version and a black version. I have to admit they don't look too bad, the grey version is the best. There is something about the material of the shoes that's stopping me from fully appreciating the breadth and length Asos have gone to supply their fellow fashionistas with the chance to own what they have craved for so longwithout the hefty price tag.

Amazing noise: Phoenix - 1901

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Kristine said...

I love this collection, thanks for sharing!! and phoenix are amazing, love that song!