Wake up, it's a beautiful day.

(1) Unknown; (2) Mr. Newton; (3) Vanessa Jackman; (4) Scott Schuman

I've purposely been avoiding posting autumn winter 2010 looks, purely because I've still got the mind of a common person in the sense that I still can't understand why the fashion industry is one season ahead of everyone else it's like they live in a different time zone to us.

Love it or hate it summer is all about flesh and getting the proportion right is key. I'm not naturally a flesh revealing person but it does feel great not having to wear layers of clothing.

The first look is from Margaret Howell's summer lookbook which I really like; I also like the other images in this post, they perfectly encapsulate my ideology of summer.

I won't be posting anything in the next two weeks I have exams! :/

I look forward to being reunited with you all after the next two weeks...keep inspired!

My previous posts on this summers main inspiration on me: here, here and here. :)

My favourite new song: The xx - Islands


anchiru said...

that summer look it's so good, good luck for your exam! :)

ophelie arnoult said...

hello I'm from paris , I don't know how i find you blog , but the picture are amazing.
I have just begun a blog too

STEFANIE said...

lovely & inspiring pictures! good luck with your exams!