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source: ralph lauren.

When I think of Ralph Lauren, I think of an extremely high-end, slightly pretentiously tacky version of Gap. Having said that, I do like the above looks because they are minimal but have an overall subtle Ralph Lauren style factor. I like the white trilby with the blue ribbon, the white blazer paired with denim shorts, the white floppy hat, the cropped blue trousers paired with the beige jacket and the white dress against the tan brown bag. Unfortunately my opinion hasn't changed about the designer, regardless of the above looks and the amazing street style images by Scott Schuman of both men and women who work at Ralph Lauren.

I think Ralph Lauren, to me, may be one of those designers who you can't help but question how they put their looks together and some of the items in their collection which stops you from liking them, until you go into one of their stores and fall in love with singular items.

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