I just can't help myself

The really cute dog pictured above belongs to a very close family friend, his name is Bramble and the photo was taken after he had been shaven for the summer: you should have seen the before image, he's a changed dog. My family have never liked the idea of owning a dog, but I love teasing them about how I'll own at least two one day! :)

The ballet pumps are from Gap and they are suede and really strong, I love them! The green and white striped crop tee is not mine it's my sisters but I like it too -it's from Urban Outfitters.

I love the above grey jacket, it's my summer jacket but it is a bit too big for me -notice the slightly rolled up sleeves, its a great tip to make a jacket look less bulky. My H&M bag (which I carry as a clutch bag) covers the collars which are cool, and I like how the jacket stops waist height, and the soft grey colour. There's a guy in one of my lectures who slightly has the hearts for me who has a similar jacket (cringe!) but I look so much better in it, even he knows it. lol

The row of shoes from left to right: Gap, Zara, Converse (I've stopped wearing them due to age of the shoes), and Zara. I bought the above amazing coral (another soft colour) trousers from Gap recently, just because of the colour and they are summer perfect.

By the way, I'm voting 'Yes to AV' partly because of this article by Charlie Brooker.

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