To be highly, often subtly attractive

I'm really liking the above soft colours at the moment. I think people who are colour shy ie. who on occasion indulge in bright primary colours: soft colours are your summer colours. You do get bright soft colours but, in my opinion, they are less irritating than bright bold colours which always tend to be worn in a daringly disappointing style.

Ok so you've probably noticed I haven't been blogging for a while and I put that down to being very busy with uni work, though I've also become disheartened with fashion. I rarely have time to follow up on other blogger who are doing so many more amazing things that my blog could do in a lifetime, so I honestly appreciate all my followers.

A note to those who follow me: my posts will be sporadic, but concise.

By the way, the above collection is from Brioni's s/s 11 collection (do check it out, it's inspiring!). The above woman is unsurprisingly a model, her name is Arlenis Sosa.

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