The wedding of the century

I was one of the millions of unfortunate souls who believed the hype about the wedding of the future king of England (sounds weird!) being lavish and extravagant, even though the bride and the groom didn't look the type. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised how demure and modest the whole day was.

Catherine Middleton looked amazing, despite my initial reaction being 'omg her dress is really out-dated' but that reaction quickly faded to 'wow, she looks amazing.' I think I speak for every wedding viewer when I say that Pippa Middleton looked equally amazing in her bridesmaid dress, some people even think she took the spotlight from the bride, but I think it's only because no one expected her to wow us like she did.

I'm not a royalist so I liked how "human"/relatable the royal family appeared at this wedding, it did honestly just look like a normal upper middle class wedding (minus a few things e.g. the guest list).

Matthew Parris wrote a brilliant article in The Times today (25/04/2011) on the whole day's event entitled: In the monarchy game, only the bland survive.

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