All these things I can't describe:

I'm having a meltdown, somewhere in the world a Sofia Coppola & Louis Vuitton bag is sitting on a shop shelf calling me!! I've already done a post on the collection but the size and design of the bags have slightly altered and they are now being sold international hence the new lookbook images featured above which you have to view more of HERE.

I'm also craving the Fendi Spring 2011 bag which is the top image on the right, I'm pretty sure I've seen one of the Olsen twins with a similar bag; I know that Garance Dore and Alexa Chung have a Sofia Coppola & LV bag.

My sister text me recently to kindly inform me that this winter will be colder than last year and it is set to get colder this weekend; I can just about tolerate the weather now :| Gap are having their winter 30% off voucher and Urban Outfitters are having a 50% sale on their summer items. :)


Allure said...

Both bags are perfect and I don't even like Fendi normally.

Grace said...

i like both bags, and also the structure of that first coat! wow, love it!