Top: citizen couture. Bottom left: 5 inch and up; right: vanessa jackman.

I've already done a post on hats, probably more than once, but fashion is cyclical. I particularly like the styling alongside the hats in the above looks. Some people think that by just wearing a hat it instantly makes you in-vogue but I think a hat is just an accessory to a look; it is not the look and like all accessories it can make or break a look.

It's really late at night and I've got three huge books surrounding me all containing the words 'corporate' and 'finance'; how did I get here? I want to go back to the days in which reading was only known to be recreational, and the thought of having a career was merely an eventuality that was still beyond an obscure horizon.

On iTunes, I've got these two songs on replay at the moment: Cloud Control - There's Nothing In The Water We Can't Fight and Cloud Control - Gold Canary. :)

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Grace said...

great post, i like hats!