I'm really too young to be feeling this old.

It's been snowing the past few days; I shouldn't complain because I did ask for it but it's times like this that you find out how practical your wardrobe is, in particular your coats.

The first image is a lookbook image taken from the boutique Elegantly Waisted; I'm slightly bored of the camel coat but I do like this look. The Audrey Hepburn image is by a fashion photographer I admire called Mark Shaw; I'd love to have one of his images hanging up in my flat.

I really, really like Alexa Chung's style in the above look and she looks like young Jane Birkin. I really like Scott Schuman's photographs of fashionable women on Vespas/scooters; I think the women look cool and fun which is what fashion should be.

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