I don't trust a man who doesn't drink.

(1) CQC; (2-4) 55DSL

The minute I saw the above image from New Wave men's Editorial, I liked the entire look and it was mainly because of the model's t-shirt which made me want to find out where it was from and whether there were any more of it's kind.

I ended up finding out that there were loads designed by different creative artists for men and women. The above t-shirts are the ones I was instantly drawn to; the t-shirt design by Bronques is in the 10.55 spring summer collection for women and is taken from their archive of last night party pictures on their Cobrasnake style website. The design by Deadlastnight and Gavin Watson feature in 10.55's fall winter 10 collection.

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volume_3 said...

Never been a fan of t-shirts with just photos slapped on them, but that foot one's quite nice!

That one in the outfit works well too! Nice find :)