The desire is in the finding out.

I wasn't lying when I said I thought Ashley Olsen's bag was amazing. My green velvet clutch bag is from Accessories which I found on ebay, and I like stroking it but I wish it was slightly bigger but it can fit everything I would want to put into it. I honestly want to have a diverse array of clutch bags, don't ask why I wouldn't be able to answer you.

The necklace is from an antique jewellery shop in Leeds; I bought the pendant separate from the chain. Just realised I'm wearing the necklace right now with an exact replica of Ashley Olsen's t-shirt above.

For fall/winter I'm in search for the perfect black leather bag that can fit everything and more (I also like the model's leather jacket).

I've currently got my eyes on finding a satchel but most of them are either too small, too expensive or not to my taste because they don't look like the above bag :/ but I saw this in an U.Os store and I would have buy it if it larger and I'll try and I would wear it out so it didn't look so immaculate.

Edit: The film about Serge Gainsbourg is out on the 30th in the UK. Sticking to films, I've heard lots of great things about the film Inception.


m00 said...

Hi! I was just wondering if you happen to know where the model's bag is from?

crimzonite said...

Sorry for the late responce! The models bag is by Proenza Schouler.