"She's elusive and I'm awake."

"Open my eyes and you are next to me."

"You're finally real, there's nothing fake."

Quotes from Scott Matthews - Elusive, also listen to Passing Stranger (beautiful song).

Photography by Nick Dorey for a past issue of Vice magazine via Coute Que Coute.

I watched A Serious Man and it is a funny, interesting film that is suppose to be thought provoking -I loved it. My sister also watched Rupert Grint's new film Wild Target and she keeps telling me to go and watch it because it is really funny; the trailer does look good even for a low budget, British film (two generally toxic combinations, sorry to say).

The Serge Gainsbourg film, I mentioned here ages ago, is going to be released in the UK nationwide on the 30th July, I can't wait! I also can't wait for the release of Johnny Depp's animation film in 2011 entitled Rango, it looks amazing.

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