The Row resort 2011

The first look with the green shirt is from Chloe's spring 2010 collection which when I first saw it I instantly thought of as a Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen look and oddly enough I was right. In the Olsen's resort 2011 collection for The Row they have created a similar look (image next to the Chloe look) that is more sombre yet light to distinguish it from being a pre-fall collection though it is hard to do so even for the entire collection when you realise how much dark colours and tailored clothes dominate the collection.


I surprisingly don't like everything, some of it makes me question what they were thinking and other looks seem to be unoriginal and I can't help but think of COS, but I do like the above looks.

I think The Row is MK and Ashley Olsen's opportunity to actually market what they would actually wear and it provides them with a more unrestricted chance to let their imaginations run wild rather than mixing this with their Elizabeth and James brand which is far more commercially marketed.


volume_3 said...

hey, thanks for the really nice comments :D

I have to say, that skirt in image 2 is amaaaazing! It seems odd that Mary Katy and Ashley came up with a resort as erm... unusual? (perhaps) as this. It's really nice.

Miss T said...

yes please. :)