L: Scott Schuman; R: Zara

Milan men's fashion week is exciting and inspiring, a great blog covering the fashion week from a guys perspective is White Blank Page.

The amazing trench coat (which wouldn't be so without the belt) on the right is from Zara women's wear.

Simple summer chic, you can't go wrong.

L: own; R: Stil in Berlin

I bought the above blouse from my sister who bought it from H&M; I particularly like how the back of the blouse is longer than the front and that it has a pocket.

The above guy is a model at Milan fashion week and his blouse is vintage, but I like how he has worn a band t-shirt underneath it. I wore the blouse straight away after I bought it from my sister; I wore it with my Uniqlo waistcoat over it and leggings because the blouse is long.

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volume_3 said...

Grace told me about the shirt she sold you, i LOVE sheer clothes, but find it hard to make it work on me without being too feminine, unless its knitted sheer. I love the idea of the guy with the t-shirt underneath, I may try my hand at it :)

Id' love to see how you style it up, i'm sure however you do it'll look great! We should go to COS sometime over summer and drool over all the pretty things again.

I adore that coat you posted, where's it from? I loved the sandals in that Dolce & Gabanna collection too! I've warmed to them :D And the rope belts aswell! This season's changed me :P

And thanks for the link to my blog!! :) :)