I bought the above floral blouse quite recently from The Loved One shop on etsy.com thanks to Elizabeth from Thrills and Frills who read my plea for a floral blouse. I love the blouse, it looks amazing with anything particularly a black high-waisted skirt; it is completely sheer which makes it more perfect for this overwhelmingly hot weather If I wear a black tube top, the top is also passable for a going out look with a clutch bag.

The slightly sheer black wasitcoat top next to the blouse is from Uniqlo and I briefly mentioned in a past post that I would post an image of it. The top has a double layer, the top layer is sheer and slightly longer than the layer underneath which isn't sheer but slik.

Browsing a few old issues of i-D I came across the above Stella McCartney look that I remember liking when I first saw it, so I decided to sneak it into this post.

I have a friend who finds the most amazing vintage clutch bags that I'm always in awe of when we go out together, so I decided to go in search for one and I thought it would be a lot easier than it turned out to be. There were a lot of dusty, untouchable, beyond vintage bags that clearly had passed their expiration date until I saw the above bag which was a dark royal blue that was simple, classic and the most elegant vintage clutch bag I had seen; it also looked really good against what I was wearing at the time.

I'm not sure what French magazine the image of the woman in the striped top is from but I loved it. The scarf adjacent to the woman is a scarf I got as a birthday present from a friend years ago that I only ever wear in the summer and when I feel like wearing colour, but the red is so vibrant which makes me love and hate the scarf.

Shirts and shorts in the summer -my shirt is from Gap and it has thin stripes that are not visible in the above image; when I wear it casually I always roll up the sleeves -I really like the white shirt/blouse pictured adjacent to it.

Robyn has a catchy new song entitled Dancing On My Own; lyrically it's similar to a lot of her other songs but the video is quite cool and it features a dress from Alexander Wang's s/s 10 collection and Chloe Sevigny's multi buckle wedge shoes.

Have a great weekend! x


Clara said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE! the floral shirt is really nice too. Had to find one thats spot on. Still waiting for the day elizabeth from thrills and frills sells the perfect one she got from etsy

DREAMY said...

oh those are some beauties you bought!

plus i adore robyn, i will go and check out her video... x

Angus said...

That floral shirt is so early 70's! I love it.