I want to be part metal and part human too.

I think you know when you have too much when you look as though your selling
jewellery or as though you've robbed a jewellery store.

I wanted to buy a ring to mark the end of my second year unlike my friend who got her belly button pierced; the third image pictured is a stainless steel ring I bought from Kathleen and Lily's vintage store. Just remembered, I lost my ring that I bought from Fashiontoast... :/ (it looks exactly like the ring pictured in the first image that has a long blue stone in it).

The link to Lulu and your mom's blog gives you a few tips on where to get the best metal bling. I'll do a post of my other recent purchases soon...

...I'm going to Birmingham tomorrow so I'm packing. :)


Miss T said...

yess. show us the treasure you have found recently pleasee. :)

Have a safe journey to Birmingham.

Lv T

Rose said...

wowww great jewelry!