L: ph. by Arvidabystrom. R: Dior Homme for The Block magazine.

I just have three things to say:

1. The above quote (which you're suppose to conclude yourself) is from a Channel 4 drama called Any Human Heart. I watched the first episode recently having read an enticing review about it in The Sunday Times and it's really good; you can read about it and view it HERE.

2. Toby Jones is not just a brilliant photographer (first image on the left), he is also an amazing men's jeweler, and I would love to own a piece from his Lonely Hearts Club collection (you should also read the description of the collection at the bottom of the page).

3. I finished reading How Proust Can Change Your Life (I bought it because of the author and I've always been intrigued by Marcel Proust) and it was definitely worthing purchasing. It's made me want to attempt to read Proust's epic novel, In Search of Lost Time, which is seven volumes long! Proust is a very interesting and funny man, for instance, this is his view on friendship: "[friendship is in the end no more than] a lie which seeks to make us believe that we are not irremediably alone." This coming from a man who had countless friends in high places. :)


Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm a reader from Germany, just wanted to say - great blog. I love reading and watching. Thanks for writing!

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loving the posts!
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Thanks to the anonymous person!