Cup of Earl Grey tea, please.

Only just found out about a small boutique called Gabbages and Roses and I like the Middle England or classic British countryside style they've gone for. According to Mandarine d'Italie, all their garments are made/printed in England, and are hand made in small quantities in London and Wales.The above looks are from their fall/winter lookbook and you may view more images here.

I woke up to snow this morning which has gradually melted away, but I can't help but feel f/w 09 looks are more beneficial than s/s 10 looks. Yet I also feel obliged to brighten up my gloomy day with images of spring and summer which you partly get in this post.

Hope you all had a magical weekend! I got a letter on Friday that has made me more confident about getting a placement next year, and I spent so much time immersed in uni work that I turned down my friends to go out yesterday night, how dedicated am I? :)

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Nishi said...

Ok, I love this. Gotta blog about it (with credit to you, of course :)). Thanks for posting!