I'm going back to the start

My favourite striped top is salmon/white; I have many striped tops you see. :)

A ring I bought from a local jeweler which I'm planning to sell because it is too big; I loved it so much that I bought with a clip that makes it smaller and now that's broken it's dawned on me how ridiculous the idea of buying it was, but it was the smallest they had. It's real silver and is a size small/medium, anyone interested?

A new top from Zara that is amazing; it's grey and is longer at the back than at the front in a cool All Saints way.

I am completely addicted to chocolate chip muffins, this is my second one this week! I advise anyone who has a BB's store or a Muffin Break in their city to buy one, you'll never look back.

My weekend is going to be multi-tasking between eight pieces of coursework, but I'll try to enjoy it!

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Grace said...

don't sell your ring! I'll buy off you, if you really want to get rid of it!!