Have A Great Sunday

Sunday's are always the day that create toxic thoughts of, "I'm changing as a person next week", your batteries are charged and your in the mood to get your life on track; stop procrastinating about nearly everything, talk to that person you've been so eager to talk to and more importantly, become the well rounded person you've always wanted to be, and then Monday rolls up, and your alarm shatters that perfect euphoria of sleep; and it suddenly dawns on you that there aren't enough hours in the week, or even in the day to become that all rounded, perfect you you've always wanted to be; so you unnervingly shudder off the feeling of déjà vu and instantaneously, almost habitually turn off your alarm, readjust your cocoon style position and smugly sleep right through your 9am lecture on the UK Town and Country Planning Act: the start of a brand new week.

I must state the above anecdote does not relate to me personally, my friends are too inspirational to keep me motivated, and my course is too demanding to afford to procrastinate, though I do enjoy procrastinating on small things -it's fun in the moment, though the long term consequences make it precautionary. Most my Sundays' do feel like that, and I never quite fulfill everything I wanted to do during the week. Sunday is my music, unwind day! :)

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