Source: Copenhagen Street Style

Their coats, large bags and shoes...I want, please! It sometimes annoys me how some people make certain garments look simple to pull off. If I saw their coats in a shop I would never give them a second glance simple because I know I wouldn't know how to do them justice, because they always look so thick, heavy and big in the shop and I'll just end up looking like I'm being eaten alive by my coat. Oh, and I've never been a coat person, I'm more of a forget the long heavy zip up or wrap around coat just grab the nearest jumper or jacket and get out the door sort of person but it doesn't stop me admiring those who work them to perfection.


Belarusachka said...

Really, very cute outfits.
I'd say, that I am opposite kind of person, I like coats a lot, and more of it is better.

oriwa said...

More than anything, I like the way they wear their expressions!

Though yes, everything is perfect!

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