I don't know what part of the world most my followers are from; but in the Uk particularly the East Midlands, it has got considerably colder than it has been the past few weeks, which is a bonus for Philip Green, Topshop owner, who was complaining that sales weren't growing due to the weather being warmer than it normally is. This also annoyed me, because I was looking forward to wearing my somewhat thick scarf and also preparing for the moment I had to whine about having to buy gloves I'm just going to lose anyway. I can now officially start winter living, and what a great way to start that than the perfect street style look; incorporating those amazing somewhat opaque tights with hearts/dots everyones been raving about, something velvet and for once not a dress and a huge snuggle scarf!

I know I don't say this too often but have a great weekend!


elisabeth said...

its horrible to say but i soooo badly want to mug this girl for her outfit, lol
know what you mean about the weather, im trying to wear all my lovely knitwear and when i get out and about i end up sweating like a pig, not a pretty sight i tell you!

p.s. - i've tagged you!

Belarusachka said...

I like her outfit and I love autumn, and when the seasons are changing.
Because it is so interesting to experiment each year, what to wear, how and etc...
Have a nice weekend too!

Jade said...
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Jade said...

This girl looks so snuggly in her scarf, and I'm loving her Little My hair!

I'm so happy it's now getting colder, I've whipped out the old chunky knits and wooly tights... Just need to find the perfect winter coat before the season changes again!

hope you had a lovely weekend