Guiding light.

"We should not feel embarrassed by our difficulties, only by our failure to grow anything beautiful from them."

"What should worry us is not the number of people who oppose us, but how good their reasons are for doing so."

"To be shocked at how deeply rejection hurts is to ignore what acceptance involves."

I recently purchased The Consolations of Philosophy by Alain De Botton: hence the above quotes. There was a documentary by De Botton on this particular book on channel 4. I like how he makes ancient philosophy more relatable to present day society; and his books are always written in an easy, light-hearted and accessible way. The only other book I've read by him is How Proust Can Change Your Life: which was interesting. De Botton has just recently published a book entitled: Religion for Atheists (which is something I don't have any interest in reading since I don't consider myself to be an atheist). You maybe interested to know that on his Twitter page he writes interesting and inspiring short aphorisms.

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