The wonders of style.

Net-a-porter's summer looks are perfect!

The skirt in the first look is very similar to the skirt I posted a while ago, except mine is a bit shorter and obviously the pattern is different. What I like most about the looks is the colours, normally when people think of dressing smart they think of dull colours and unflattering clothes but these looks disprove that preconceived notion.

I'd like to think as I get older I won't lose the desire to infuse fashion with practicability and hopefully when I am working in the corporate world I can show that interest within the boundaries of appropriateness. On the subject of the corporate world, I don't know about anyone else but I've loved watching The Apprentice! My favourite person was Susan, but I strongly thought Helen would win but I'm not disappointed with Tom having won. :)


Miss Lou said...

how nice PICTURES!!!! AMAZING!


Brooke said...

Love this spread. The photography is amazing and I love the subtle color combinations...So in!