I randomly stumbled upon a 75% sale in Gap recently in which I stumbled across the above skirt and shirt. The skirt which sits on my waist, has a busy black and white pattern, is light and summer perfect plus it has two large pockets. The main reason for purchasing the above white shirt was because of how it conceals the front buttons as you can slightly tell, anyway I'm thinking about wearing it for my graduation ceremony. The out of focus image of a watch underneath the skirt is also a recent purchase and from Muji. I like the fact it's sleek and minimal i.e. not blingy.

P.S: I had ironed the above shirt but then decided to take it with me to Nottingham hence the creases. When it was ironed my mother kept asking me whether I had ironed it or not, that she's now insisting on ironing it herself if I decide to wear it for my graduation ceremony!

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