Where do I go from here?

photography by Scott Schuman.

I was going to do a long and tedious rant about how important it is to steal and reinterpret styles from other people rather than just copy, but I've lost that passion so I'll do a small, tedious rant.

It took me years of going through excruciating bad fashion styles and some good, just to get to this almost perfect phase in my life where I feel like I'm not dressing to please the guy with the cute smile, the coolest girls in school, or to be in with the blogsphere, but I'm dressing to please myself. It's only once you have that 'I don't care if _____ thinks I'm not cool!' attitude (but you have to believe it too), you'll feel liberated from all inhibitions, and realise that the style you thought was you, was actually you trying to be someone else.

The key: experiment! Everyone goes through those awkward style phases but experimenting is the best way to quickly find out what feels effortlessly chic to you.

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Grace said...

This made me laugh! XD