What to wear on a day like this?

What do you wear when it's cold, windy and sunny?

In England, we get a lot of those days when the weather won't make up its mind whether it wants to ruin or make your day, but I still haven't got used to it's temperament. Only yesterday, I was trying to hold my skirt down as the wind blew, whilst also trying to tug my jacket across my body to stop what body heat I had from escaping.

The above looks have fashion tips for temperament weather conditions. 1) keep your looks simple by not wearing too many loose and thin items that can get easily caught up by a gust of wind, like scarfs. 2) coats and jackets can still be worn in s/s provided they are not too thick and look trendy because people will notice your coat/jumper in the s/s than in a/w. 3) prepare for all eventualities, such as the sun coming out midday. 4) dress comfortably, try-hard-looks always tend to be the looks we regret attempting.

By the way, I really like Olivia Palmero's skirt and coat; and I really like the coral clutch bag (it shouldn't work with her look, but it does!) and the woman's coat in the bottom right look.

British politics: I'm also gutted we (the Yes to AV voters) didn't win, and by a large majority! I think the majority of yes voters were either students or progressive voters because the places that had a majority yes vote in the UK (which were only 10!) were Edinburgh central, Cambridge, Oxford, Islington, Camden, Hackney (mainly London boroughs) amongst others.

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