La Belle

Today was a hectic, drama type day; but once I was alone I decided to visit a few shops that I had vowed not to venture in until my coursework was done, one of them being Zara. Zara are currently having an amazing sale with more than 50% off some really good clothes; I've currently got my eyes on a coat/blazer that I tried on and fell in love with, but I'm not a 100% sure If I need it. Last year, in October I saw the most amazing burgundy coloured dress, with subtle shoulder pads; the dress felt like it was made from a soft wool material and I wanted it, but the only down side was it was £50, and I was still tempted to buy it. I saw that same exact dress in Zara today for £13 and it seemed to be the only one of it's kind in the store, and I bought it hence the image above on the left. The dress is above knee length and looks quite formal and sophisticated; I'm thinking of wearing it to a birthday party tomorrow.

I'm currently craving Ferragamo ballet style shoes.

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