Winter Melodies

Yesterday I went to see In Fields play live. In Fields is my twin sister's anti-folk band; anti-folk? Don't ask. I was looking forward to it all week and then on the actual day I felt really bad that I wasn't in the mood of leaving the comfort of my warm home and my poor excuse of coursework alone. I reluctantly got ready to see them perform, again, already knowing what to expect; from the songs they would play to the way it would be played and sung. From the previous live performances I had seen of the band, they seemed to lack the charisma and energy you would expect from an up and coming artist eager to charm and amaze an audience of 1 or 1000. Now I become bias; I always knew the band were so much better than their live performances to the point it was frustrating to see them do just a good performance; though I did think for having been on the live circuit for such an insignificant amount of time, I equally viewed their good performance as signs of a talented collection of people, because many artists take years, go through many reformations of band members, and many live performances to reach the recognition of a good performance; good variety and style of songs and band presence. Yesterday, I finally saw what I would call their best performance yet; the whole band had so much confidence and energy, particularly as the audience was dominated by friends and family, this reflected in their music; from the small talk with the audience to the loud perfectly played instruments and soulful vocals. I'm very proud of how far they have come, and they clearly now show signs that they're ready for the world regardless of whether it's ready for them.

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