Summer breeze.

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White-on-white in the summer equals a definite fashion winner (just make sure not to sit on grass). I think the woman in the top image on the left has got the perfect length trousers especially since their white. I really like the white blazer in the Mango look coupled with a belt - it tidies up the look if you need that formal edge.

For S/S look I'll probably always be a fan of the shirt blouse plus shorts you just can't go wrong with it.

I'm not a fashion serious blogger but I dabble in the arts (as is obvious) and I like to portray this in my looks: I call it being 'fashion conscious'. One of my favourite 'fashion conscious' celebrities is actress Kristen Stewart (the above image is unflattering) - she obviously knows what suits her and yet she couldn't care less if it was hot or not.

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