The quintessential prep.

I bring to you the quintessential prep look courtesy of Sarah Vickers and her perfectly titled blog: Classy Girls Wear Pearls.

The "preppy" look can look really good (like the above images show) but it can also look over done or unoriginal; however, this can be said about the "indie" look; the "vintage" look; or the "in-trend" look. To maximise the potential of you always looking really good why not take all the really good looks from each clique?!

I have to admit, my fashion style changes with the seasons and the guys I like: I've recently been dressing a bit more preppy than usual because the guy I like is a quintessential prep (thankfully, not Ralph Lauren type); but he sort of changed his style when he liked me as he started adding dark colours to his wardrobe (it didn't really suit him).

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