Take ownership of your tomorrow.

I've just finished reading a brilliant book by Herta Von Stiegal, entitled The Mountain Within: Leadership lessons and inspiration for your climb to the top, which is where all the above quotes have been taken from. I would advise everybody and anybody to read it regardless of where you see your life heading. The book offers timeless advise on how to metaphorically conquer the mountain within. Stiegal uses her experience of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for the first time and failing and then taking on the challenge again but with a group of disabled people and succeeding as a backdrop to her leadership lessons of conquering the mountain within.

The leadership lessons are also supported with accounts from her own professional experience as a global business executive. Alongside this are a number of conversations with many of the world's most influential business leaders by the way the book is written in a very simple way and is organised in an easily readable way.

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